Five Christian Songs That Will Never Be in a Praise and Worship Set

I have to admit. I don’t have anything overly inspirational to write to you today, and my time is somewhat limited as we are also launching the next issue of An Unexpected Journal tomorrow (I am writing this on Sunday). I don’t have anything overly thought-provoking to write for you as I am a little bit drained. But it struck me the other night that there are a bunch of Christian songs that would never be heard as praise and worship songs in just about any church in America. It is not necessarily that their content is something that Christians ought to necessarily avoid, but it is the type of thing that you probably would not be used to hearing at Sunday morning worship.

In honor of these gems, I am going to dedicate this post to them and we can view some much-needed revitalization for your Christian music playlist.

I had to start with one of my favorites. The Newsboys have been my favorite Christian rock band since I even started listening to the genre. This was part of the first album of theirs that I listened to. Of course, this song is not overly controversial, but I don’t know many places that would be comfortable likening a type of worship service to a disco. We do know, however, that we will all be happy people when Love Liberty Disco is in town, so I suppose that is worth singing about. Still, it will probably be a little while until most churches are comfortable bringing disco into the sanctuary. And this video is on point.


While we are talking about the Newsboys, this one is admittedly a little bit edgier. Besides the entirely outrageous premise of the song which I find hilarious, I have been imagining all the wonderful memes that could be made about the song. Well, here’s one for you just in case you were wondering. I don’t know is to theology in this song really holds up.

Hell will be a place of great suffering and torment, so I suppose if you really love breakfast, it could be true that there is no possible way they serve breakfast there. However, for someone like me who is not really in love with breakfast food, I don’t know that breakfast absolutely, necessarily belongs in heaven either. Still, people get a little touchy with songs about hell for some reason.

And, while we are talking about what may or may not be in heaven, there is no doubt that there will be some full contact sports. In fact, there will be a big, big yard where we can play football. As a result, it is really important for you to come and go with me. We want to be able to enjoy lots and lots of food as well (presumably breakfast would be included in heaven as well? Maybe Audio Adrenaline and the Newsboys got together to coordinate their theological statement on food being in heaven). I guess, as a lover of sports myself, I hope their theology is spot on here. I don't know that we are all prepared to think of heaven in such lighthearted yet enjoyable terms. It might irritate some people.

We need to make sure that we remember that praise and worship is not just for those of us here in reality. It is important to consider what would happen if cartoons got saved. They would indeed be singing the gospel in a whole new way. The real reason that the song would never really be in any type of praise and worship set is because I want to find someone who can do all of the appropriate impressions that make this song what it is. If you can’t do them reasonably well, then don’t even try to perform the song. But, despite all that, could you imagine how much fun doing this song would be?

Finally, this is presented without comment. Although you probably cannot imagine why this would never be done in any church praise and worship set ever. It is not like it has any connotations that some people may or may not frown upon depending on how well they know their Sir Mix-a-Lot.

There you have it. Five songs that are all Christian yet will never be in any praise and worship set. If I am wrong about any of these and if your church has ever arranged any of them, of course I want you to send me a video please.

The fact that I even took the time to make this post should be proof to any of you that I should never be in charge of anything, ever.